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Outdoor webcam


    Outdoor network surveillance camera, installed in outdoor security monitoring products, so many surveillance camera manufacturers in the market, the user to choose a suitable network surveillance camera products, is some do not know how to start, xiaobian to recommend you this 764JBU surveillance camera.

surveillance camera

    This outdoor surveillance camera is suitable for installation in the hometown, company or production line as well as in the subway and high-speed railway station. Recently, illegal things have been happening in the subway. Installing a network surveillance camera can effectively deter the illegal behavior of criminals and protect the safety of users.

surveillance camera

    Two-way voice function. After installing this surveillance camera, users can transfer real-time calls between the APP and the monitoring area of the phone. In case of emergencies, users can also use the monitoring camera APP installed on the phone to stop or command all operations in time.

    The 764JBU can be shared by three to five users at the same time. Users no longer need to open a third-party forwarding port for remote monitoring.All users need to do is install an Internet surveillance camera in a suitable location, install software on their smartphone, and share their sub-accounts with family members.