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Network HD camera installation


    How to install network HD camera?Don't you know how to operate it?Network HD camera according to the use habits or the needs of individual users can be connected to the computer to view or not connected to the computer directly using the mobile phone to install network HD camera APP connection, the following xiaobian respectively introduce these two kinds of installation and use.

network HD camera

    1. Before deploying your webcam, you should first decide where and where to place your webcam.I want to shoot something.The fixed position of the network hd camera is important.

    2. Take out your HD webcam, plug it in, and turn on your router.Then connect the network cable to the network HD camera and the router. After the router connects to the computer correctly, turn on the power.

    3. Open your computer, find a search engine, and search for the IP address.Click to enter the Internet Explorer page.Download and install the control, double-click the IP address to open the browser, enter the user name and password according to the product instructions, and the home page will see the network hd camera monitoring screen.

    4. Set the parameters according to the instructions.If you need remote monitoring, you need to check where P2P is used.

    5. If the user does not want the webcam to connect to the computer, he/she can download the NETWORK HD camera APP directly on his/her mobile phone, and then scan the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code of the network HD camera to add, and then match the mobile phone with the network HD camera to see the picture. The installation position should be selected close to the power plug.Finally, the network hd camera is fixed and OK.