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Do security cameras have night vision?


    Can high-definition surveillance cameras, which have a clear view of every corner during the day, see well at night?Some surveillance camera manufacturers produce products that turn white at night or are so dark that they cannot see the monitoring area. It seems that these surveillance cameras do not have infrared night vision function.

surveillance cameras

    Six infrared night vision lights to meet the needs of users for night monitoring. Built-in AI algorithm function automatically switches whether to enable the infrared night vision function according to different application scenarios.It meets the needs of users to view through the monitoring camera APP installed on their mobile phones, and is not affected by the use scenario or environment.

surveillance cameras

    The surveillance camera supports the memory card of the body and juju cloud storage. Users can choose to use the memory card installed on the body or pay a certain fee to use juju cloud storage according to their own needs. Users who choose memory card storage are advised to back up surveillance camera videos regularly to avoid data loss or overwriting.