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Outdoor surveillance cameras are recommended


    Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, according to the news of the observatory, Mid-Autumn Festival will be a rainy solar term, will the outdoor surveillance camera have an impact?Some users don't think much about the season when installing outdoor surveillance cameras.Will sudden inclement weather affect outdoor surveillance cameras?

 surveillance cameras

    Waterproof function, IP65 waterproof function, can effectively cope with all kinds of rain and snow and other bad weather, users in the choice of outdoor surveillance camera can consult customer service whether there is this waterproof function.Avoid the influence of the rainy season and other solar terms resulting in a dark or white surveillance camera can not be viewed.

    Monitoring camera coverage Angle, in addition to the monitoring camera shaking function to cover a large area in the horizontal and vertical direction, the coverage area of other surveillance cameras generally choose the greater the coverage Angle, the wider the area covered.Outdoor surveillance cameras You are advised to use a surveillance camera that covers a large Angle.

    The night vision function of the surveillance camera, combined with the algorithm to automatically switch between day and night, is equipped with 8 infrared night vision lights to meet the requirements of continuous monitoring at night and during the day.Ensure users' security monitoring needs.Choose outdoor surveillance camera to give priority to these functions, to ensure that security monitoring can work properly.