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Where do surveillance cameras fit?


    How to install surveillance cameras?Many friends will operate, especially the choice of wireless surveillance camera users, the installation method is simple, but also according to the instructions of the installation and use, the effect is good.But there are also some friends who install wireless surveillance cameras or can not monitor the place you want to see, xiaobian to tell you where the installation is appropriate.

surveillance cameras


1) where can the wireless surveillance camera be installed to meet the needs of monitoring, xiaobian recommends that users install wireless surveillance cameras, first determine the area they need to monitor, select and monitor the location of the area, in the monitoring range of wireless surveillance cameras do not have foreign body block.

2) The wireless monitoring camera should be installed at least 2 meters to 2 and a half meters away from the sand and the ground. It should not be too high or too low. The appropriate height can better monitor the area to be viewed.

3) Wireless monitoring cameras should avoid being installed in a humid environment as far as possible, so as not to cause long-term fog of the lens and affect viewing

4) Finally, the installation of wireless monitoring cameras is suitable for connecting power supply or network