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Remote network camera


    To use a remote network camera, you can log in to the APP downloaded by scanning the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code of the network camera manual and check the status of the monitoring area.The function of remote network camera reduces a lot of tedious work and makes the user's life easier and convenient.However, to achieve remote monitoring, is not so simple.First, you need to install a remote network camera.


 network camera

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1, first of all, a set of remote network camera, after the purchase of the need to operate their own installation, but the simplified installation steps so that children and the elderly can accurately and quickly operate.


2, the wireless network camera or remote monitoring camera pair connected to the computer, open the computer, install wireless camera or remote monitoring camera driver, some are not driven, better;


3, you can see the wireless network surveillance camera or remote surveillance camera port and IP address on the computer, can default, can also be set manually;


4, then according to the computer interface, set up the router, so that the router can automatically access the monitoring camera or remote monitoring camera data, so as to carry out remote monitoring;


5, the phone should install the corresponding network surveillance camera or remote surveillance camera APP. Generally, the seller will give the software when buying the network camera or remote surveillance camera, and sometimes it is necessary to download it in the phone.


6, log in the application with a mobile phone, you can view, not limited by the time of the region as long as the monitoring camera is connected to the Internet;


8. The APP of each surveillance camera network camera can be shared. Generally, a network camera APP can be shared by 3 to 5 users at the same time by setting a sharing account.