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Outdoor wireless surveillance camera


    Outdoor surveillance camera, which one to choose?With the cold weather in Guangdong and occasional drizzle, more and more outdoor activities are reduced, but the work of security monitoring still can not relax, choose a suitable outdoor surveillance camera is very important.

 Hd surveillance camera

1) High-definition resolution. The monitoring camera installed outdoors has high resolution to ensure clear monitoring of every space and clear recording of every frame, so that users can not be affected when looking back or viewing in real time.

2) installed in the outdoor monitoring camera, waterproof function naturally can not be less, some manufacturers do not have waterproof function of the monitoring camera, encounter haze or rain and snow weather will fog, fuzzy there is no way to view the situation, IP65 waterproof can help you to solve this problem.

3) Installed in the outdoor monitoring camera, the power supply problem has always been the need to focus on, how to use more convenient, not affected by power wiring or beautiful environment, choose the battery monitoring camera can meet your needs, especially to support the battery monitoring camera connected to the solar panel power supply.

Choose a suitable outdoor surveillance camera in addition to voice call, real-time monitoring, timely warning push, video storage security and other issues, these three problems should also be considered by users, security surveillance camera wholesale customization choose eye video.