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Home security cameras go offline?


  Home surveillance camera or outdoor surveillance camera practical for a long time may be bad contact for some reasons, the network can not be connected to the situation, xiaobian recommend you should deal with it.

 Home surveillance camera

1. [Check power supply]

Check whether the power supply of the camera is normal. The camera may be disconnected due to accidental contact with the plug bar.

2. [Check voltage]

If the quality of the camera power plug is poor, the camera voltage may be unstable and the camera may be disconnected frequently. You are advised to use the power plug delivered with the manufacturer.

3. [Check WiFi signal]

If the WiFi signal of the router at home is unstable, it will also lead to frequent camera disconnection. It is necessary to check the network quality of the camera frequently, and try to keep the quality above 80%.

4. [Check mobile Internet]

Check whether the mobile phone network is stable and online. If the mobile phone network is unstable, you may fail to connect to the camera. You can check whether the mobile phone is connected to the camera properly under the condition of relatively stable WiFi.