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Wireless HD camera


Wireless camera, do not need to connect the network cable, the direct use of WIFI connection eliminates the trouble of traditional network wiring, installation is more simple and convenient, you can operate at home.Are you still worried that the wireless camera won't be installed when you buy it?

Wireless camera

Wireless camera can be used by multiple users using one account. A wireless camera can be installed at home. Through the setting of the main account, 3-5 users can view it at the same time in different places and at different times, changing the trouble that the traditional network camera can only be viewed on a special computer.

Wireless camera

Built-in 8LED outdoor light, and IP65 waterproof device Settings, easy to cope with all kinds of harsh environment, through the IR-Cut function automatically switch to different scenarios, you only need a mobile phone to see all the monitoring situation.

Support 1080P hd picture quality, use large aperture precision optical lens 4 million, low light environment is still clear, refuse darkness, refuse to be blurred, a new HD visual enjoyment.Choose a suitable HD camera to meet different monitoring needs, to protect the safety of personal property, you deserve to have, network camera, surveillance camera wholesale customization can find eye video.