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Home wireless surveillance cameras


    Are home surveillance cameras wireless or wired? Using a wired surveillance camera while installing a network cable can make the room look chaotic, so I recommend you to use a wireless surveillance camera.

surveillance cameras

    As with regular surveillance cameras, high-definition resolution is always a consideration. Therefore, users are advised to choose more than 2 million pixels 1920X1080 resolution wireless surveillance cameras when choosing home wireless monitoring head.

surveillance cameras

    Home wireless surveillance camera, two-way voice function is also a factor for users to consider when choosing a surveillance camera. After installation and use, users can make two-way real-time calls with users in the wireless surveillance camera area through the mobile APP.

    Household wireless surveillance cameras are generally installed in the indoor use, so the installation of wireless surveillance cameras can not be too complex, the most suitable is concise, three steps after installation. Home wireless surveillance camera can share through the function, a wireless surveillance camera through the sharing function can support 3 to 5 users in different areas at the same time. What other features do you know are necessary for home wireless surveillance cameras?