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How to buy a surveillance camera


 Security monitoring for home or company users is very important, especially near the end of the year, the climate turns cool, surveillance cameras can replace the user's patrol, increase the security of personal property. It is very important to buy a suitable surveillance camera for family or company. Xiaobian recommends three selection criteria.

surveillance camera

First, surveillance camera lens

  Surveillance camera lens is a very important part of intelligent camera, but we refer to the important index when choosing. The range that general wide-angle lens shines is wider, namely the range of horizontal plane is larger, but the distance was pulled far, the person also decrescent, of course thing also can follow the distance to become far decrescent, suit the doorway of the family to use.

Two, monitoring camera definition

Resolution is one of the many features of the surveillance camera hd means that we can see more details, the definition of the surveillance camera, the general civilian level is 420 lines, 480 lines 520 lines, 600 lines, 700 lines, the more lines, the clearer. The number of lines represents the definition of the surveillance camera, that is, the number of lines scanned at the level of the monitor. Generally, 600 lines or more represent high-definition surveillance cameras.

Three, surveillance camera appearance

There are many shapes of intelligent surveillance cameras on the market, including cloud desktop camera and gun camera. Cloud desktop named for the shape, the advantages of small volume, can view different angles, beautiful appearance, suitable for installation in the indoor, office, hotel corridor, elevator, corridor and other places, can replace a number of surveillance cameras. The gun camera is suitable for all locations. Users can choose different surveillance cameras according to their different places and different needs when choosing empty cameras used at home or in companies.