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Wireless security cameras can't see well at night?


Can the wireless security cameras see at night? Some users found in the installation of wireless surveillance cameras after the use of light during the day can clearly see, at night is no way to view, a blur of blank, xiaobian see that it is because your wireless surveillance cameras do not have night vision infrared or machine failure.

wireless security cameras

1. Replace the power supply of the wireless surveillance camera.

2. The infrared light problem of the wireless surveillance camera is returned to the factory for repair.During the day, the image is normal, but the infrared light is not turned on at night, so it is possible that the infrared light is broken.

3. The filter of wireless surveillance camera is repaired. Night if the infrared light on, but the filter does not sense infrared, so the night is black or a blank. If your wireless surveillance camera is still unable to watch at night after maintenance, xiaobian recommends you replace the wireless surveillance camera.