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How long can surveillance camera video be stored?


    How long can surveillance camera video be stored? Did you overwrite it because you forgot to back up your security camera footage? How many ways can video recorded by surveillance cameras be stored?

surveillance camera

    Surveillance camera is stored and housing have fuselage would a cloud network storage in two ways, how long can use memory card to store every day to record video storage time key depends on your body the size of the memory card capacity, generally by default, the memory card capacity after full system will be automatically covered space to store, if you forget the backup of the video, So the previous video is lost.

   There is also a video storage method is anju cloud network storage, this video storage method depends on the size of the space you pay to buy, video storage to the network can be permanently stored, xiaobian suggests that users can choose different video storage methods according to their own needs, to ensure the security of surveillance camera video.