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No footage from the security cameras?


    After the monitoring camera has been used for a period of time, the user finds that the mobile phone has no image and cannot view the monitoring. Can the user check the fault by himself? Xiaobian to recommend you a few ways to check that the surveillance camera does not have images.

monitoring camera

1. The power supply of the monitoring camera is insufficient, and the power supply needs to be replaced.

Check whether the power socket of the camera is faulty. If the switch is faulty, replace it in time. If the battery is powered by the camera, check whether the battery is out of power.

2. When the monitoring camera fails, it needs to be sent for maintenance.

The monitoring camera itself has problems, such as the damp circuit board, which requires the user to connect the after-sales repair or send to the electrical shop for repair.

3. There may also be a problem with the compatibility of the monitoring camera APP installed on the mobile phone.

After the installation, connect the monitoring camera to check whether the monitoring camera APP of the mobile phone is compatible.