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Check the surveillance camera on your phone


    Why is a surveillance camera in your home checking on your phone? Many users will not view the monitoring cameras at home after installing them, resulting in the monitoring cameras installed in the home become a decoration, xiaobian tells you how to view the monitoring cameras at home.

surveillance camera

    1, first of all, the home needs to have the network, the monitoring camera fixed in the appropriate position, switch on the power supply, if it is the battery monitoring camera is installed after the battery monitoring camera fixed to the appropriate position, the solar monitoring camera, connect the solar charging plate.

    2. Download and install the corresponding surveillance camera client on the mobile phone, click the icon "Add Device", enter the user name and password of the home network surveillance camera, click "Save", and then click the surveillance video to view the monitoring dynamics.

    3, under normal circumstances, a surveillance camera support to share 3 to 5 users through the operation of sharing, the main account of the surveillance camera user, you can set the sharing person, can let the family can use, do you know how to operate?