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Surveillance cameras can't connect to the Internet


  Recently, the weather in Guangdong is cloudy and rainy, and some outdoor electronic products are wet, so there is no way to connect to the Internet. Users are most concerned about the hd surveillance cameras installed in their homes.

surveillance cameras

 Surveillance cameras cannot be connected to the Internet. In general, it is because the quality of the surveillance cameras selected by users is poor. In the process of not being connected to the Internet, part of the check users can play by themselves.

 1) Restart the home router to reconnect the surveillance camera.

When the surveillance camera fails to connect to the Internet, the user can restart the router to reconnect the surveillance camera to see if the network can be restored.

 2) Re-log in or delete the surveillance camera APP account and reconnect

Log in to or delete the APP account of the mobile phone surveillance camera and reconnect the surveillance camera to check whether the network connection is restored.

If the above inspection method fails to restore the networking problem of the monitoring camera, it is recommended that the user contact the after-sales service of the monitoring camera and return to the manufacturer for inspection and repair.