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The webcam cannot connect to the Internet


     What happens when you buy a webcam and it works during the test, but you take it home and it doesn't? Do you know what to do with it? Recently a friend bought a network camera after taking home can not use, xiaobian think you can check this.


1) Uninstall the installed network camera APP and download and install it again

When users find that the purchased webcam cannot be connected to the Internet, they can download the webcam APP and connect it again to see if the problem can be solved.

2) Replace the network camera network

When the user's network camera fails to connect to the Internet, the user can replace the network camera APPWIFI. Generally, the network camera does not support 5G network.

3) Replace your router at home

When the user's webcam fails to connect to the Internet, the user can try to replace the router at home and check whether the router's Settings block the Internet connection.

If the preceding methods fail to solve the network connection problem of the network camera, users can consult the network camera manufacturer and apply for after-sales repair.