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How many memory cards does the camera support?


  The video storage mode of surveillance camera includes juju cloud network storage and body memory card storage. The old Hikang type surveillance camera can only be connected to the local computer for video storage. So what capacity of memory card does the surveillance camera recognize?

surveillance camera

  Juanzhu cloud network storage video, according to the space and storage space use time need to pay a certain rent, so many users choose the body memory card storage video, the general default situation is to use 32G,64G and 128G memory card monitoring camera support several types of memory, Some surveillance cameras support 256GB memory card storage. When users buy surveillance cameras, it is recommended to communicate with customer service about the relevant situation and choose the most appropriate memory card storage device to ensure that the recorded video can be safe for a long time.

  How many users can watch a surveillance camera at the same time? Can I watch the surveillance from abroad? In general, the default surveillance camera supports a main account to share the monitoring and viewing needs of 3 to 5 users. There is no limit on area and time. You can view the surveillance camera APP anytime and anywhere.