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How to install home surveillance cameras?


      Would you install a home security camera? When we install, the first thing to do is to determine the location, followed by their own design of an installation drawings, indicating the home surveillance camera position and power supply. The most common is installed in the living room or a corner of the shop, so that you can monitor the whole interior. To determine how to install, whether to lift or wall.

security camera

    After the purchase of surveillance camera equipment, wiring will be carried out in accordance with the planned installation position and number, and the line will be made into a dark line with a slot, which is safe and beautiful. Once the wiring is done, prepare tools such as a hammer drill for drilling holes in the wall. This hole is used to hold the base of the home video camera. Because the base is usually small, the weight of the whole machine is very small. If you want to fix the camera to the ceiling, don't use a hammer drill, use tapping screws instead.

    Then install the camera and power supply according to the drawings, and ensure that the installed camera is stable and will not shake. With the cameras and power installed, it's time to start installing the back-end equipment. Is the use of video capture card, the video capture card installed in the COMPUTER PCI slot, you can use the computer hard disk to store the surveillance camera video.

    If users are not used to using traditional surveillance cameras, they can choose direct wireless connection, so that their homes and surveillance cameras can be directly connected to WIFI. The recorded video can be stored on the internal memory card of the home surveillance camera or in the juju cloud for paid storage. Do you know how to install home security cameras?