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Wireless surveillance camera installation


    Wireless surveillance cameras won't be installed yet? Then take a look at the small series how to install it! According to the process steps, xiaobian introduces a basic installation method, suitable for home use, you can operate the method.

Wireless surveillance cameras

1, first of all to buy network wireless monitoring camera, pixel we suggest to buy more than 100 pixels

2. Wireless router is essential

3. After buying it back, we debug it, plug it in and turn on our wireless router

4. Wiring diagram for connecting wireless monitoring camera and router. Connect the network cable to the camera and router, and the router is connected to the computer.

5, first of all, we need to find the first software, is the IP search tool, open the search tool, click search, some software is the client can search, remember, most of the machine is based on the IP address to search the input into the IE browser for parameter Settings

6. Search for the IP address and double-click the Internet Explorer

7, first download the control, after the installation, double-click the search IP address to open the browser again, enter the user name and password, generally the user name is admin, password is empty, some are admin, 1111,6666,8888,123456, have, according to the product instructions to enter.

8, log in to the Internet Explorer page, the home page to see the image of the camera.

9, click the above Settings, because there are many Settings, please refer to the manual, wireless function must be set here, click the hook, connect your router, enter the password, click the bottom of the application or confirm or enable save

10, P2P selection monitoring also need to tick in the Settings to remote monitoring

11, other Settings, if not professionals do not set up, you need to call the after-sales telephone staff to help you solve the mistake

12, movement detection alarm this is a must, need to be set according to the installation of the wifi wireless monitoring camera you buy

13. Log in to the surveillance camera platform, download the mobile client APP, and install it; Open the software on the phone, find the camera to add, click the scan QR code below, scan the QR code below the camera, add successfully; Or mobile phone and camera in the same LAN, you can directly click search oh

14. Finally, click enter your password and install your wireless surveillance camera wherever you need it in your home. Above is the old model of wireless monitoring operation method of the installation of cameras, if the user doesn't want to connect computers, can be directly fixed the surveillance cameras in place after turning on the power supply, mobile phone to scan the qr code on the download surveillance cameras client software is installed according to the surveillance cameras client instructions can be connected surveillance cameras.