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The night vision resolution of surveillance cameras is poor


    Do you know why the surveillance cameras are clear during the day but poor in resolution and visibility at night? In general, the reasons for poor night vision resolution are related to these aspects.

surveillance cameras

    1, surveillance camera resolution: the higher the resolution of the video is more clear, can see the strong face effect is better, because the definition of the night is higher than during the day, so the equipment used at night should be at least more than 4 million.

    2, surveillance camera lens focal length: the greater the focal length of the lens, the farther the visual distance, the smaller the field of view Angle; The smaller the focal length of the lens, the closer you can see and the larger your field of view. To see clearly, you need to adjust slowly according to the distance and effect you want to monitor.

    3, monitoring camera night vision distance

To get a clear picture at night, use IPC with good night vision. The camera's night vision distance is mainly determined by the number of infrared lights. The single lamp has a night vision range of 30 meters, the double lamp has a night vision range of 50 meters, and the four lamp has a night vision range of 80 meters.

    Two, external influence of surveillance cameras:

    1. Shielding: If there are shielding objects, dust or strong light sources nearby, they will be reflected on the lens, resulting in unclear, so it is necessary to clean the camera regularly and remove the shielding.

    2, the picture is dark: usually due to the unreasonable installation, the Angle is too biased to the wall, resulting in the wall reflected back infrared light is too strong, resulting in overexposure of the camera picture, it will form a monitoring picture too bright side dark phenomenon. The solution is to adjust the Angle or installation position of the camera.

    If the user finds in the use of surveillance cameras, their home surveillance cameras can be viewed normally during the day, and this situation occurs at night, xiaobian suggests that you can directly replace the products of the video surveillance camera manufacturers, the quality is guaranteed.