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Surveillance cameras connected to computers or phones?


   Network camera surveillance camera connection installation method is more and more fool, many users can operate, but when the replacement of network camera surveillance camera to connect to the computer or mobile phone is not how to operate.

Wireless surveillance camera


    Wireless Internet cameras, surveillance cameras, and the way they connect to your phone is not as complicated as you might think. Users can follow instructions.

1, the network camera monitoring camera is arranged, and the network is connected.

2, on the phone to download the monitoring camera app software, the app is generally developed by the camera business, different brands of cameras, the control of the APP is not the same, so few can be universal.

3. Connect the surveillance cameras through the monitoring camera APP control software downloaded from the mobile phone. Each camera has a unique ID.

Full HD surveillance camera

4, the mobile phone is connected, you can remotely watch the control surveillance camera picture.

Know how to connect the mobile phone network camera surveillance camera problem, so how to connect the computer you can? If you can't, then let's take a look at the introduction of xiaobian!

1, the current desktop computer motherboard and configuration are to support the connection of monitoring cameras, in the computer motherboard must be installed in advance video acquisition card hardware and software matching the card.

2, the monitoring camera head should be connected to the power line and video cable, the other end of the video cable is connected to the video acquisition card.

3, hard disk capacity to be large enough, because a camera a day to record about 3G, more cameras and save for a long time, can use 2T or 4T hard disk.