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How to choose home surveillance camera


    Before choosing a home surveillance camera, we need to understand why we want to buy a surveillance camera, and then make a choice based on specific needs.

    For ordinary families, the purpose of monitoring is nothing more than the following: to monitor property security when there is no one at home, and to monitor the movements of people who control home activities.

Hd surveillance camera

    Surveillance protects property from theft when no one is in the house. Monitoring the movements of people in the home can include monitoring whether the elderly in the home are safe, whether the nanny in the home is fulfilling their job responsibilities and so on.

Hd surveillance camera

    After making clear the monitoring requirements, we can confirm the basic functions of the home surveillance cameras purchased according to these purposes.

First, choose a small home surveillance camera

    Household surveillance cameras usually need to be installed in the doorway or window sill and other positions, in order to prevent the invasion of bad people, installed in a prominent place, its design needs to be small, easy to hide, not easy to be found by intruders at the same time, but also do not disturb the family's daily life.

Second, home surveillance cameras are relatively easy to fix

    The installation of household surveillance cameras should be simple and convenient, and it is not necessary to wait until professionals come to operate and install them. Therefore, it must be simple in design and easy in operation, without additional selection of accessories, which will increase the trouble for users.

Third, the home surveillance camera is best wireless connection, can avoid damaging the home decoration

    The family is decorated just like an integral, which part was destroyed can affect integral result. Therefore, in the choice of home camera suitable, the best choice of wireless connection device. Such cameras do not need to go everywhere wiring, will not affect the family beautiful, but do not need to dismantle the wall or in the wall drilling, save a lot of trouble.

Fourth, the use of household surveillance cameras, the simpler the better

    Home surveillance camera users for the use of modern equipment level is uneven, so the use of the camera should be simple and clear, fool operation. Reduce operational flow and simplify functional steps.

Fifth, the home surveillance camera is best with the function of connecting to the Internet, and can be monitored remotely

    The home camera is best to be able to carry out remote control, such as in the company or in other places with Internet function, can view the real-time monitoring picture of the home through the computer at any time. There are also more convenient devices that can be viewed in real time via a mobile app, which are also very OK choices. The above is the need to choose the basic functions of home surveillance cameras. If you want a sufficient budget, you can consider the choice of human detection and intelligent alarm voice, so that the home surveillance camera function is more perfect and the protection is more guaranteed.