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Wireless surveillance cameras are connected like this


    Smart phones have learned to use, some friends still do not know how to connect security monitoring surrounding products, such as monitoring how to connect with mobile phones, WIFI and mobile phone connection, today xiaobian together to guide.

Wireless surveillance cameras

    Wifi is everywhere in our life. Many home devices can be connected to wifi, and wireless surveillance cameras are no exception. After connecting to wifi, wireless cameras are very convenient to use.

1. Ensure that wireless wifi is effective and can connect to the network

2, make sure the wifi is not hidden, you can search the signal in the vicinity with your mobile phone.

3. Make sure the name of the wifi network does not contain Chinese characters.

    For different brands of wireless surveillance cameras, the app needs to be installed on mobile phones is not the same. We just need to install the designated APP according to the regulations and operate in an orderly manner according to the instructions. Generally, there will be no big problems.

    Wireless surveillance cameras for many families are used for security monitoring, and mobile phone interconnection, mobile phone at any time to view the situation at home, very convenient, but for wireless surveillance cameras and mobile phone connection method many people do not know, let's take a look at wireless surveillance cameras with mobile phone connection method.

1, the wireless monitoring camera is arranged, and the network is connected.

2, on the phone download control wireless surveillance camera APP software, the app is generally developed by the wireless surveillance camera business, different brands of cameras, the control of the APP is not the same, so few can be universal.

3, through the wireless surveillance camera APP control software downloaded on the phone, connect the camera, each wireless surveillance camera has a unique ID, generally speaking, need to use this ID to connect the camera.

4, mobile phone connected, you can remotely watch the control camera picture. It can also be shared with three to five users in different locations at the same time through the main account,