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How long do webcam videos last?


  After the installation of the web camera, there is generally no user or regular to check the monitoring, especially when looking back, generally only occasionally real-time view, but when there is a special situation, do you know how long the video stored by the network camera can be saved?


   Before you know how long you can store video from a webcam, you should know the different ways you can store video from a webcam. It seems that the video storage method of network camera generally has memory card installed in the body or the video is stored in the way of juju cloud network.

   The storage duration of videos is related to the size of your memory card. Generally, a 64 GB memory card can continuously record and store videos for 7 days. After this period, the webcam will automatically overwrite the previous videos and continue to store them.

   In juju cloud, video storage is related to the video space purchased by users. If the video space is large, the video storage capacity is large, and the recorded video can be stored for a long time and stably.

   For users to say that a network camera video can be saved for how long, xiaobian think it depends on your video storage mode, if you want to view for a long time, then it is suggested that users can choose to pay for housing cloud or regular backup video.