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Is the home Webcam working?


    Shenzhen suddenly imposed the center segregation this week seven days of the city's public transportation service arrangement, a lot of friends are isolated in the company's dormitory or in the home and family and on the other side, the way how to use a more concise and family communication, or promise to view different parts of the situation, you can use the family network camera.

network camera

    Home webcams include outdoor webcams and indoor webcams. Users can install one of these webcams at home to meet their needs for viewing conversations during the pandemic.

Indoor webcams are recommended. Users only need to observe the situation at home and communicate with their family members by rotating the webcamera horizontally and vertically through the webcamera APP installed on their mobile phones after installation.

    Choose outdoor network cameras. It is recommended that users choose IP65 waterproof network cameras to cope with various rainy seasons easily. Real-time communication can also be realized through the webcam APP installed on the phone. Although the epidemic has made life a little inconvenient, the network camera can meet your need for real-time monitoring, waiting for you at any time.