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USB computer camera


Computer USB camera You still can't connect the computer?Are you still having trouble identifying the USB camera plugged into the USB location?A lot of friends in the use of computer USB camera have this and that problem, and xiaobian together to understand it.

Computer USB camera

Plug and play, USB camera of the computer plug and play, drive-free, users only need to fix the COMPUTER USB camera at a certain location of the computer, connect the USB data cable to the COMPUTER USB interface to use the COMPUTER USB camera, do not need to worry about the USB camera driver.

Computer USB camera

What kind of software are compatible?Computer USB camera is compatible with common video broadcast, chat software, compatible with Android, Apple and other mainstream systems, users do not need to worry about the purchase of computer USB camera and computer incompatible.

Computer USB camera

Computer USB camera can be attached with tripod stand, which can be placed according to the needs of your own use occasions. It is very simple and convenient to use product live broadcast, Douyin live broadcast, video teaching and so on.