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IP camera voice function


Most of the IP camera produced by wireless IP camera manufacturers are wireless connection function products, which is convenient for the installation of monitoring in areas that are not suitable for network cable, such as the living room, such as the room, so that the overall decoration is more neat.

IP camera

Voice function. Recently, a friend found that hisIP camera could not wake his child up. Is there something wrong with holding down the surveillance camera APP and not responding?Xiaobian believes that the security camera can not voice may have the following situations:

1) First of all, it is necessary to determine whether the IP camera has voice function. Users can consult after-sales service or check the manual

2) If the voice function suddenly fails to be used, the user can uninstall the phone's IP camera APP and reinstall it for inspection. If the fault remains the same, the user can contact the after-sales service or send the IP camera to the factory for repair.