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IP battery camera


If you miss the plot of a TV series, you can watch it again. Does the IP battery camera have this function?For example, does IP battery camera have this function?A lot of friends don't care when they buy IP battery cameras, and then one day they suddenly have to look back and remember if there is this feature.

IP battery cameras

IP battery camera storage mode has the body memory card and anju cloud network storage two, the user in the purchase of IP battery camera are aware of, according to the introduction of IP battery camera, the user can look back when the IP battery camera memory card.

A recorded video is read through a card reader.However, for different IP battery cameras, this way of looking back is relatively troublesome, especially for the IP battery cameras installed in the higher level, it is extremely inconvenient to take out the memory card every time and then put it back.Therefore, xiaobian recommends this IP battery camera that can be viewed directly through the mobile phone APP. Users only need to use the IP battery camera APP installed on the mobile phone to directly view the recorded videos during a certain period of time.

IP battery cameras

As the name suggests, the IP battery camera does not need to be connected to the power supply, but can be powered through the installation of the battery. Moreover, it supports the connection of the solar panel, and the battery can be powered by the solar energy, so as to meet the user's installation in the suburbs where it is not convenient to connect the power cord.