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How long can a surveillance camera stack store video?


        How long does the surveillance camera video storage last?Many friends don't know how long the video can be saved every day after using the surveillance camera with the memory card installed on the body. Users only find that when they have to check the video of a certain period of time accidentally, they find that it is gone.

surveillance camera

    How long can the video from the surveillance camera be stored? The first thing users need to know is how the surveillance camera is stored.What are the storage methods of surveillance cameras currently sold on the market?The surveillance cameras have fuselage memory card to store that sells on the market and how to reside cloud network storage in two ways, for how to reside the cloud, is through the regular users buy cyberspace to pay a fee to store every day video, such a surveillance camera storage can permanently store every day to record video, for the fuselage memory card to store surveillance camera video, which according to the size of the memory card to decide, usually a 32 gb memory card can store video about 3 days, when memory card to store the full cover before the video automatically,Therefore, if users need to view the video of a certain time, they can choose Anju-Cloud Storage or backup the memory card video regularly.