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Do security cameras need to be connected to the Internet?


Do security cameras need to be connected to the Internet?Many friends in the use of surveillance cameras after a period of time have a doubt, their own home surveillance cameras if there is no network can also be used?

IP camera

At present, the monitoring cameras sold on the market are mainly wireless monitoring cameras or wireless webcams. The installation and use of the monitoring cameras by users is more simple and convenient, and the old and children can operate foolishly.For not connected to the network can be used, Xiaobian that there are two cases.

1) The monitoring camera can only record the video locally if it is not connected to the network (the body has a built-in memory card device). If the user wants to view the video, he can only take the memory card off and read it on the computer.

2) The surveillance camera cannot be connected to the network and cannot record video, and cannot be watched remotely.