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How long does the wireless surveillance camera video save


Wireless surveillance cameras, wireless network cameras how long do these things last?How long will the daily videos last?For the traditional surveillance camera because it is connected to a fixed computer, as long as the computer's hard disk is big enough, it can be stored all the time, until the hard disk is full, it will be prompted not to store.Wireless webcams in use now generally use memory cards and Anju-cloud network storage devices.How does this video storage rule work?

Surveillance camera

Surveillance cameras fuselage has a memory card to install the location of the user to record every day in the video is stored in the memory card, how long can video storage size and the capacity of the memory card how much memory card capacity and surveillance camera support, usually 64 gb memory card can use to store a week or so, because the surveillance cameras were covered with automatic function, when the video will automatically be covering before video storage is slow, so if the user have important video advice backed up on a regular basis.

Surveillance camera

Some surveillance cameras can purchase network storage space by paying a certain fee on a regular basis. This video storage method is only related to the size of the cloud space. As long as the cloud space is large enough, it can be stored forever.