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A must-have Bluetooth neckline fan for summer


The hot weather is a little challenge for the friends who go out to play during the Qingming Festival holiday. Seeing everyone playing outside, I really want to go there, but the hot weather is a trouble. With the fan in hand, I feel tired after the time is out.

neck fan

Hanging neck fan, suitable for sports and fitness and other different occasions of use, free hands, enjoy cool, perfect fit for the skin, movement and walking do not fall off.

neck fan

The built-in 5.1 Bluetooth connection function of the neck hanging fan is matched with both speakers, which can be connected with the bluetooth of the mobile phone as a music player, so that you can feel cool and happy at the same time.

neck fan

The neck hanging fan adopts dozens of horizontal fiber design, which helps to eliminate moisture when evenly arranged, and keeps skin dry and fresh.In hot weather, if you want to save some electricity, then the fan is the best choice. If you want to avoid the trouble of manual control, the Bluetooth neck hanging fan is the best companion to accompany you through every hot season.