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Insert card surveillance camera


    Traditional surveillance cameras are specially connection switches, routers through fixed a computer store video recording every day, but for special use a computer to store video, seems to be a little waste, hence the card of surveillance cameras, card monitor the installation of cameras use more simple and convenient, as long as have power supply network.

HD surveillance cameras

    Plug-in card monitoring camera, support computer, mobile phone, tablet and other operating systems to view the monitoring situation at the same time, greatly convenient for users to use, compared to the traditional monitoring camera can only be viewed on the computer, it is more convenient.

The card monitoring camera supports the pan-head 360-degree panoramic view, and the mobile phone controls the rotation to rotate vertically and horizontally from different angles to get a panoramic view of the indoor and outdoor scenes. Are you still in the dilemma that the traditional surveillance camera can only look at one place?

 HD surveillance cameras

    Mobile detection, automatic recording of moving objects, intelligent security, good protection of property, for abnormal intrusion can be the first time through the way of SMS or email push to the user's mobile phone, timely remind the user to make the corresponding processing.Choose the card monitoring camera, more convenient to use, more cost saving.You are still struggling with the traditional surveillance camera, which needs to be fixed to a computer and cannot be viewed remotely. I recommend you to replace the plug-in card surveillance camera.