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Network surveillance camera


        Wireless network camera solves the problem of users using remote view, as long as a mobile phone can view the monitoring situation of the network camera installed in a fixed position, and do the corresponding processing or command anytime and anywhere.The emergence of network camera to the user's production and life has brought more convenient, you only need a communication equipment can control the overall situation.

  Wireless network camera

        Abnormal push, the network camera built-in movement detection function, for the abnormal tip can be the first time through email or text message to inform the user, make corresponding processing and face, timely protect property and life safety.

 Wireless network camera

        The webcam supports the use of multiple users, a main account can share 3 to 5 users at the same time, to meet the needs of a family in different places to share and view at the same time, not missing every detail of the home.

 Wireless network camera

        There are two storage methods of webcam video, namely, the installation of memory card through the fuselage or the storage of cloud. The video protection is more secure and stable.Many users who use traditional surveillance cameras find that once the computer host is damaged, the video can not be found, and the emergence of the network camera is just a solution to this problem.

       Network camera sets high-definition resolution, pan-head rotation view, voice dialogue, movement detection, infrared night vision and other functions, instead of the traditional surveillance camera can only view but not voice and other troubles, if you are still troubled by the use of traditional surveillance camera, I recommend you to replace this network surveillance camera.