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Bluetooth neck fan for summer travel


After Start of Summer, the weather gets hotter and hotter.A fan is a great way to get around the heat, especially if you're wearing a mask to cool your skin.However, holding the fan for a long time makes the arm ache, which makes many people feel tedious. This fan can just solve this problem.

neck fan

The wind speed can be adjusted in three gears, and users can adjust different wind speed according to their own needs. The Bluetooth neck fan also has Bluetooth link function, so users can play music through the link of the mobile phone as the speaker.And free hands, enjoy the cool, only the weight of a cell phone.

neck fan

Is there a limit to the use of it?This Bluetooth neck fan is unlimited in use, and its long battery life can satisfy your need whenever and wherever you need it.A Bluetooth neck fan is a must-have weapon for summer travel.

neck fan