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Can the webcam see at night


      During the day, the monitoring of the webcam can clearly see every picture, but at night, part of the webcam appears white or blurred, which brings great hidden danger to users.So you need a webcam with night vision.


     Starlight to infrared night vision function, night can be clear at a glance.Four 940NM infrared lamps are effective at a distance of 7 meters, and the picture quality of zero light source is still clear.It was clear not only by day, but also by night.

     Exquisite and good-looking appearance, simple installation, one key to achieve easy remote voice intercom, abnormal tilting, can be bound through the account to send SMS or email reminder, timely remind the user to do the relevant processing.It is very important to choose a good webcam for home safety. Xiaobian recommends this webcam with night vision function.