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Cloud camera


       Cloud camera, the recorded video can be directly stored to the security monitoring products of Anjuyun, maintaining the security of the video.Traditional security monitoring products are connected by a special computer, and it is impossible to access the camera remotely. If the computer that stores the video is damaged artificially, the integrity of the video cannot be ensured.

Cloud camera

      In addition to the memory card of the body, the video storage mode of the webcam can also be stored through AnhuiCloud. The dual storage strengthens the security and stability of the video, and users do not need to worry about the trouble of not being able to view the surveillance video after the camera is damaged.

      Cloud camera has built-in movement detection function. For abnormal entry, it can detect and push abnormal reminder in real time, so that users can make corresponding processing at any time. Cloud camera installed on mobile phone can be used for remote monitoring anytime and anywhere, so that users can easily grasp all monitoring trends.