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Low power battery camera


     Is there a low-power, power-saving network camera, some users, especially the elders in the countryside will feel that the network camera for a long time to use the boot to waste a lot of electricity, there is not only to protect the normal use of the network camera and can reduce the power consumption of the network camera?How about this one?

network camera

     Low power consumption battery network camera using panels as the power supply, users regularly charge or install solar panels as the power supply of network camera can be installed once, permanent use.Elders no longer have to worry about electricity consumption, pay more electricity bills.

    Low power consumption battery network camera, easy to install, the user only need to choose the appropriate position after installation can be installed through the mobile phone network camera supporting APP, according to the operation prompts to install operation can be used.

 network camera

    Support voice calls, anytime and anywhere communication as long as a mobile phone distance.Homesick directly through the mobile phone network camera APP can be realized to call and chat.If you still feel that the power consumption of your network camera is too high, can not voice remote, Xiaobian recommended that I use this low power battery network camera.