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Surveillance camera video at a specific time


Can your security camera or webcam view the previous video?Can I go back to the video if I miss a certain time?When some friends are using the surveillance camera, they suddenly want to see the video within a certain time one day, but they do not know how to operate it.

Surveillance cameras

Surveillance cameras back to see there are two kinds of video storage, by monitoring the memory card to store video camera body installation, as well as how to reside cloud cloud storage network video, some surveillance cameras can be installed by mobile phone surveillance camera APP according to the choice of date back to look at before recording video, widespread surveillance cameras if there is no back to see the function of the user,You can connect the memory card on the monitoring camera machine to the computer to play back the video or download the video stored by Anjuyun to view the previous video. Both ways will not miss the important video nodes. As for the storage of the monitoring camera, if the user does not have the condition of using Anjuyun network to store the video,Xiaobian suggests that users backup the contents of the memory card of the monitoring camera regularly to avoid automatic coverage when the memory card storage space is full.