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Can the security cameras see at night?


       Dragon Boat Festival is coming, this year's Dragon Boat Festival highway is not free, a lot of friends have stayed in Guangdong for the New Year, homesick how to do?In addition to mobile phone video, you can also observe silently through security monitoring products such as surveillance cameras, network cameras and so on. Can the surveillance cameras in your home be seen clearly at night?

HD outdoor surveillance camera

     In the home, especially in the countryside, after the installation of surveillance cameras, during the day can clearly see the monitoring scope of the situation, some of the off-brand surveillance cameras sold on the market at night is a dark or a white fog can not be seen clearly, which has caused a great security risk,So the night vision function of the surveillance camera is the solution to the problem that the surveillance camera cannot see clearly at night.If you are still using security monitoring products without night vision function, Xiaobian recommends you to use this surveillance camera with night vision, 4 infrared patch lights of 940NM, and 7 meters effective distance.The picture quality of zero light is still clear.