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What if I forget my webcam password?


      Giving your phone a password protects privacy and ensures that the phone is for your own use only.Set the login password for the network surveillance camera, but also in order to better protect the monitoring camera view needs, to ensure the stability and security of recorded video, some users also set the password, set to automatic login, a long time or mobile phone upgrade found that they do not remember the password, then how to deal with ni?

Full HD surveillance camera

      Forget the login password of the network surveillance camera. If you share the password from the main account, you can directly ask the user of the main account to change it or send the password again, then log in.If the user's network monitoring camera simply forgets the main account password, you can check whether the network monitoring camera APP has the account retrieval function, operate according to the requirements, or reset the network monitoring camera and reset the password.