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The webcam can connect to several mobile phones


The hot weather in Shenzhen has lasted for several days. It suddenly rained today.The hot weather cooled down at once.Do you have any video from your outdoor surveillance camera?Can you still see it?Do you have a waterproof function?

surveillance camera

IP65 waterproof device is set to effectively deal with rain, snow and dust and other bad weather, especially the rainy season weather, to meet the users in their home or in the rainy season more adequate city use.15 850 patch external lamps are effective for 20-25 meters and can be viewed clearly at night.


Are outdoor surveillance cameras easy to install?The installation of outdoor monitoring camera is three steps. After the outdoor monitoring ray head is fixed, connect the power supply, download the outdoor monitoring camera APP and connect to view.Children can also operate to meet the needs of different groups of people.