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What's good about webcams?


    What are the benefits of webcams?What's different about replacing traditional surveillance cameras?Many friends are still using traditional surveillance cameras for the advantages of network cameras or do not understand, take a look.


    Network camera with pan-head device, 360-degree panoramic view, mobile phone control rotation, view the horizontal and vertical direction of the dynamic, indoor view, in the living room can be fully covered by a network camera.

    To buy a network camera, you no longer want to pull the cable and install the cable box. Just three steps: scan the QR code on the manual to download the APP, insert the memory card to connect the power supply, and open the APP to view the surveillance video. It is completely a device that children can operate.

    The network camera has its own movement detection, real-time detection of abnormal intrusion, SMS or email push reminders, to meet the needs of users external work, worry about home security, anytime and anywhere to remind attention, ready to deal with the corresponding.