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HD network camera options


    The school is going to have a summer vacation soon. With the departure of students and teachers, the school's property management will become more passive. A high-definition network camera is installed to reduce the patrol workload of security guards, and everything can be controlled by high-definition network camera anytime and anywhere.

network camera

   360-degree panoramic high-definition network camera can meet your needs, a variety of use functions, to meet your need to view a person, commanding the global.Install a 360-degree high-definition webcam in the right place at the school and then manage it with a mobile phone.HD network camera, download HD network camera APP, network ray machine power, connect the network camera, 3 steps to get the installation.

   High-definition network camera has built-in ICR scene night vision function, and automatically switches infrared light to meet the use needs of night and day.The high-definition webcam can also be shared through accounts, allowing different users to view it at the same time.So to install a high-definition network camera for the school, to increase the security of the school,