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Can the security cameras look back?


      Will the installed surveillance cameras be able to watch the video back?A lot of friends would like to check the monitoring situation after missing something, or having some unexpected situation.Can the surveillance cameras installed in your home look back?

surveillance cameras

     HD surveillance camera has Anjouyun and body memory card to store the video recorded every day. If users want to save the video for a long time, Xiaobian suggests that you back up the video of the body memory card once a week or a month, because the default memory card of the body of the surveillance camera will automatically cover when the memory card is full.The video stored in AnjuCloud is relatively stable because it is paid and stored according to the amount of space purchased when you use it.Mobile phone messages will be sent when space runs out.Check back function of the surveillance camera. If some surveillance cameras have a check back function, users can directly check it on the monitoring camera APP installed on the phone.If the surveillance camera doesn't have a back-up function, users can simply view the backup video.