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Home surveillance camera options


          Do you have security cameras in your home?What are the characteristics of the surveillance camera purchased in your home?Choose home monitoring camera should pay attention to what points, a lot of users want to give their home or rent a home monitoring camera installed, and do not know which one is suitable for their own, let's see the recommendation of Xiaobian.

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        Voice call, home surveillance camera is installed in the outdoor or indoor voice call is indispensable, especially two-way call function, anytime and anywhere through the home surveillance camera or mobile phone installed home surveillance camera APP to achieve two-way call.

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      Night vision function, home monitoring camera night vision function is also necessary to solve the problem of night monitoring can not see clearly.For example, this home surveillance camera has 4 940NM patch infrared lights that are 7 meters effective, and infrared night vision can also be clear at night.

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     Motion detection, the first time there is an abnormal tilt through SMS or email notification, to protect the safety of family and property, everything is under your control.In addition to the above functions, there are also recorded video storage methods. It is recommended to choose the body memory card storage and cloud storage so as to make the stored video more stable.