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The webcam connects to the network


    The installation and use of traditional surveillance camera is to connect the switch with a network cable and then connect the router to achieve video recording and networking. How to connect the network camera to the network?Let's take a look.

network camera

    The indoor or outdoor IP camera network camera fixed to a suitable location, convenient to connect the power supply and can monitor to the area, the general advice is for to monitor) connected to the power supply, mobile scanning the network video camera boxes qr code on the manual, download the required network camera APP after the installation can be finished according to the prompt operation can realize networking.

network camera

    The network camera generally supports the Android system, Mac system and Windows operating system by default. It can realize the monitoring situation of different accounts in different places through the main account sharing. For abnormal situations, it can notify the user in time through the bound mobile phone or the mailbox to make corresponding processing.