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How to choose a home surveillance camera?


      Summer vacation, bear children at home do not trust, but because of work too busy to pay attention to, then you can give the home to install a home surveillance camera, the choice of home surveillance camera does not have to be the most luxurious suit, only need to pay attention to these points.

surveillance camera

     The two-way call function, through the two-way call function of the surveillance camera, can be realized through the monitoring camera APP installed on the mobile phone to talk with the children in time, to stop some bad behaviors or guide some work in time.

Full HD surveillance camera

     Piece head rotation function, some children may hide from the lens to play other things, the user through the piece head rotation to view different angles, anytime and anywhere to view the situation of children at home, no longer need to install monitoring in multiple angles.

     HD, especially with full HD picture quality home surveillance camera, all the details are not too bad, its own play outside the night vision, according to the scene automatically switch to the morning and evening environment 24 hours a day uninterrupted recording, to meet some of the needs of use.Users can focus on these points when buying home surveillance cameras.