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Home Doorbell Camera


     Visual doorbell camera, installed on the door of the visual monitoring equipment, the user can be installed through the mobile phone visual doorbell camera APP anytime and anywhere control to view the situation at the door, the danger out of the door.

 Visual doorbell camera

     Visual doorbell camera can be installed through the device or mobile phone visual doorbell camera video call, there is abnormal close or someone press the doorbell visual doorbell can start to trigger video.

 Visual doorbell camera

    The video doorbell camera has 2 megapixels, 1920X1080 resolution combined with a wide Angle of 110 degrees, covering the area in front of the door for more realistic colors and clearer images.The viewing area is much wider.

 Visual doorbell camera

   Visual doorbell camera, multiple anti-theft protection, guard family, guard family property, 24 hours a day waiting to accompany, simple installation, low power through the visual doorbell camera APP to remind users, when forcible disassembly also has an alarm trigger device, timely remind users to do a good job in related processing, both safe and efficient.